I am a retired ecological consultant living in Kendal, Cumbria, now campaigning on climate change, mostly working against fossil fuel extraction/trade/consumption.

My twitter url: https://twitter.com/henryadamsUK

My recent documents in wordpress:


Coal, steel, hydrogen

1mar21 Why the Steel industry doesn’t need Cumbria’s coal | henryadamsblog (wordpress.com)

1mar21 Steel industry doesn’t need Cumbria’s coal | henryadamsblog (wordpress.com) – A letter/article sent to The Westmorland Gazette.

On WCM’s CO2e emissions: WCM’s half-truth diversionary tactic re shorter shipping distances meaning savings in emissions | henryadamsblog (wordpress.com)

Whitehaven coal mine: Links to relevant news items & publications
Coal mine related items that are mostly not on my main collation | henryadamsblog (wordpress.com)

Steel-making news 2020 onwards, focusing on its decarbonisation

Common Wealth’s ‘A test of mettle’- some cautionary notes | henryadamsblog (wordpress.com)

HYDROGEN links 2020 onwards

Legislation for Coal Authority licensing for coal extraction goes against UK’s climate commitments | henryadamsblog (wordpress.com)

Link to my old 2019 hub page about the proposed mine. Some of the info now superceded by major changes in 2020/1, so use SLACC hub page instead: Cumbria Coal Mine Campaign – SLACC http://slacc.org.uk/campaigns/cumbria-coal-mine/
My old 2019 hub page: The Whitehaven coalmine proposal will result in huge CO2e emissions (9 Mt pa for up to 5 decades). This is a hub page with some relevant links on this and related matters


UK gov funding oil and gas projects abroad

UK government financing oil and gas projects abroad with many £millions, and with huge associated carbon emissions – a collation of references


MER – UK gov maximising extraction of oil and gas

UK extraction of oil & gas from UK waters – links to reports & news etc | henryadamsblog (wordpress.com)

Campaign against UK maximising extraction of oil & gas (MER), and issuing fossil fuel extraction licences without considering resulting global emissions

We must stop government “maximising” extraction of oil & gas and licensing more coal mines


UK not compliant with Paris temperature goal statement

The UK should officially incorporate the Paris Agreement into UK legislation and policy – especially before COP26! | henryadamsblog (wordpress.com)

How the CCC is not Paris-compliant

Planning policy:
Eden District Council’s 19th March planning committee meeting on 2 applications for “gas peaking plants” at Shap highlights how current planning system undermines UK’s climate commitments | henryadamsblog (wordpress.com)


Degrowth, A-growth,”Green growth”

Degrowth, A-growth,”Green growth” – useful recent links


Wildlife and habitats

“Tree planting is important, but it must not destroy much rarer, valuable habitats”

Trees should not be planted in peatlands (such as blanket bog, wet heath, mires)

I recommend ‘Inkcap‘ – the new weekly roundup of the latest wildlife news by Sophie Yeo. Twitter:  @inkcapjournal


My photos on flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/henryadams/


Some of my comments beneath articles by others: https://www.intensedebate.com/profiles/henryadamsuk


My website/webspace dragonfly1

My website/webspace dragonfly1 contains numerous documents both as html pages and as pdf’s.

NB: my website dragonfly1 is occasionally removed to archive by my ISP Plusnet due to “exceeding its bandwidth”. This usually happens at critically important times when I’m trying to spread climate-related information that fossil fuel interests would rather remain hidden. This could be due to DoS attacks (Denial of Service) by fossil fuel interests or climate denialists who support the ff industry. I use the present WordPress pages as a back-up when my site is taken down offline.

My website hub-page: http://www.dragonfly1.plus.com/topics.html
Note: this hub-page has not been updated in recent years.
The blog posts listed to the right link to some of my more recent uploads – which are now mostly pdf’s instead of html web-pages.

My website page on the tar sands industry: www.dragonfly1.plus.com


My main Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/henry.adams.56


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